Executive Coach

Inspired Action. Real Results. Your life and career do not come with a set of instructions. But if they did, just think how much clearer your road to success would be, and how more fulfilled you would become in your journey. Kaplan Mobray is an authority on helping leaders to lead their way to greater results. His customized executive coaching program is designed to give leaders a roadmap to manage life and accelerate career advancement with a deliberate focus on success outcomes. His personal one-on-one approach focuses on defining the effort and planning the actions it takes to achieve milestones. [K]aplan’s philosophy is simple, “to enjoy quality of life you must master quality of effort”. “To create quality results as a leader, you must impact the quality of effort of your people”.

As a success advisor Kaplan works with executives using a customized approach:

  • Improve Leadership Effectiveness
  • Define goals in the context of action
  • Create life navigation plans to achieve professional advancement outcomes
  • Personal Branding for Executives
  • Time Management and Stress
  • Planning for Change
  • Innovation and culture transformation

To schedule a consultation, call 845-358-6105 or email: coaching@kaplanmobray.com

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