(K)ool Entertainer

Electrifying, smooth, funky these are some of the words used to describe Kaplan’s music. Through funk riffs and smooth jazz improvisation his soporano sax comes alive to touch your soul. Kaplan taught himself how to play the saxophone at age 14 and went on to use improvisation to create sounds that enhance and spread warmth. A natural performer, he is known to incorporate saxophone riffs at the start of his motivational presentations to set an immediate experience in any room. He credits legendary sax greats Sonny Rollins, John Coletrane, Grover Washington Jr. Kirk Whalum and Najee for his inspired sound. Kaplan has performed for a wide range of audiences including the NFL Superbowl weekend, US Army Corps, NBA, corporate conferences, and major civic and charitable events.

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Here’s what others have said:

“Kaplan uses his saxophone to bring a world-class sound to a worldclass message, he is an
outstanding musician.”

The audience simply could not stop buzzing about the presentation given by Kaplan. His dynamic presentation and saxophone performance make him a standout among presenters.”

Watch clips of Kaplan’s Saxophone performance

Kaplan Mobray: Saxophone Opening
Kaplan Mobray: Making Magic on the Saxophone
Kaplan Mobray: Saxophone Clips
Kaplan Mobray on Saxophone
Kaplan Mobray Performs at NFL Superbowl Weekend

“Kaplan is a gifted entertainer and creates joy and inspiration through his horn.”

“Wow! Kaplan’s saxophone performance at the beginning of his talk was quite a surprise; I was blown away by his musical talent!”

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