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Kaplan Mobray Kares is a charitable organization dedicated to helping individuals, charities and organizations promote self-esteem, financial literacy and career advancement for underserved students and individuals.

The beginning

I’ve been privileged to witness many “success stories.” People who have purposed to create a better life for themselves. To find a new job after being unemployed for years. To discover a new purpose after being uncertain about life. And people who are committed to uplift others through their individual story of triumph.

It’s a choice we make to change our lives, achieve goals and find success.

We believe there is always opportunities to do more to help others gather the right tools and build up the courage to take another step and forge a new path in life.

That’s how Kaplan Mobray Kares was birthed. That is our mission. Help others Do More To Create a Better You.

The next step

If you’d like to support the Kaplan Mobray Kares initiative, and be a catalyst for change in someone else’s life, please consider a donation.

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