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How to Be a Good Leader

Aha Moment: Being a good leader will position you for future career success.

Whether you’re already in a position of power or you’re setting your career course for that direction, you can benefit from the tips that these articles have to offer.

Good leaders have a plan to continue to learn, grow and evolve in their roles. They understand that there’s always something new on the horizon and that innovation is the driver of success.

Honing your skills – at any stage in your leadership journey – will help you to stand out, be noticed and move up the career ladder.

Check out these articles and learn what a great leader looks like, what you can learn from bad leaders, and some important career leadership principles.

This Is What a Great Leader Looks Like

This article looks at the qualities you need to position yourself to be an effective and successful leader. It encourages you to examine your emotional IQ, your potential for growth and if you have the support of your coworkers. Think about how resourceful you are and if you have the ability to make impactful decisions. The important thing is to begin to hone these qualities in your current position. You don’t have to – and shouldn’t! – wait until you’re actually in a leadership role.

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10 Leadership Lessons That You Can Learn From Bad Leaders

Good leaders aren’t the only ones who can teach you valuable lessons. Working under a bad boss can present opportunities for you to sharpen your own leadership skills. You can learn how to be adaptable, humble and calm. When your boss doesn’t seem to hear you, you understand the importance of being a good listener. Learning how to roll with the punches is valuable for anyone  –  but especially for a leader. This article lays out these and more lessons that you can learn from a leader who isn’t up to par.

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Career Leadership Principles That Should Drive Your Journey

Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have what it takes to be a good leader. Leadership can be taught, and by following the principles laid out in this article, you can hone your skills and prepare to be the leader you want to be. You have to commit to learning skills like creating a vision, being a good listener and learning how to share. You’ll see the value in keeping things simple while driving innovation.

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What areas do you need to improve upon in order to be a better leader?