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How to Build a Personal Brand that Sets You Apart

Aha Moment: You can use every circumstance in your professional life to better your personal brand.

Need some help crafting your personal brand? These articles can give you some much-needed insight into things like making meaningful connections with others in order to strengthen your brand and how to use failures to your advantage. You’ll also learn about the importance of consistency to your brand.

Check out these helpful articles and reap the benefits of building a personal brand that is an accurate representation of you!

Personal Branding Identity Guidelines

There’s a connection between how you manage your personal brand and your career success. This article explains the importance of adopting a successful mindset as a foundation, as well as the necessity to be consistent and intentional in everything you do. You also need to be self-aware and honest about your strengths and weaknesses. The article reminds you that the way you see yourself has an impact on how others see you.

For much more about personal branding identity guidelines, check out the full article.

Master the Art of Connection, Build a Powerful Personal Brand

You’re always networking, even when you don’t recognize it. When you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, you could be missing out on connections that would be valuable in the future. This article guides you through some questions to ask yourself that can help you be more intentional in your interactions with others, as well as giving you ways to position yourself in order to make important connections.

Read much more about how to Master the Art of Connection and learn how to make the most of every encounter.

Expectations Play A Big Role in Personal Branding

Your life is filled with expectations – big and small. When you understand your personal brand, you begin to grasp what other people expect from you. The article discusses how being under-expected gives your personal brand a negative connotation and how you should be the one informing others’ expectations of you. You have the power to ensure that what others expect of you is exactly what you’ll deliver.

To find out more about the role expectations play in personal branding, read the full article.

Building Your Personal Brand Requires Consistency [VIDEO]

Have you thought about how your online presence affects your personal brand? This video illustrates how you need to be consistent across the board in order to build the personal brand you want. Are your Facebook and Twitter posts at odds with the way you want to be perceived?

Watch the video to see how important consistency is for your carefully crafted personal brand.

Your Personal Branding Means Nothing Without Consistency

A positive personal brand requires that you be consistent. This article gives you one key question to ask yourself. The answer is the basis for what your next action-steps will be. Being aware of your actions can help you develop the right mindset for your professional growth. In addition, you’ll find out how your thoughts and actions work together to create people’s perception of you and your brand and the effect consistency has.

Read more about why your personal branding means nothing without consistency.

Personal Branding 101: Using Failures to Power Your Career Forward

Failure is a part of life, no matter who you are or what your profession. However, it doesn’t have to derail you. This article delves into how you can turn those negative experiences into positive outcomes, actually strengthening your personal brand. You’ll learn how to be thankful for the mistakes that push you forward, as well as how to analyze what went wrong in an effort to learn. Talking about your failures can feel a bit tricky, too. The article will give you some helpful pointers about how you can talk about the hard stuff in order to craft the brand you want.

Learn more about how you can use failures to power your career forward.

Managing Office Politics (It’ll Boost Your Personal Brand)

The term “office politics” can have a negative connotation, but it shouldn’t. This article gives you a good definition of what the term means and ways that you can use your office interactions to positively influence your personal brand. You’ll receive actionable tips for using the politics in your office to ultimately give your career a boost.

Read much more about managing office politics in the full article.

Where does your personal brand need improvement?