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How to Survive Personal Branding Challenges

Aha Moment: Be intentional about the steps you take to build your personal brand.

Sometimes there are special circumstances that can make building your personal brand a little more difficult. For example, working remotely or having an introverted personality can present roadblocks to your efforts.

Maybe you’ve made some mistakes in the past and you don’t want to be defined by them any longer, or you just need to give your personal brand an update.

Whatever your concern, there’s help in these articles so you can craft your brand and achieve the career success you want.

Working Remotely? How to Build Your Personal Brand

If you work from home or another location that’s separate from the main office, you face some unique challenges when it comes to creating your personal brand. In this article, you’ll find out how you can still position yourself for success, even if you aren’t getting daily face time with your managers and coworkers. The article goes in-depth about how you can make connections and bring value to every communication you have with the people you work with. It also highlights issues such as your tone of voice during calls and meetings, the importance of correctly branding your email and more.

Read the full article to find out how to build your personal brand when you’re working remotely.

An Introvert’s Guide to Building a Great Personal Brand

You may assume that the extroverts of the world are the ones who get everything done and that, as an introvert, your voice has less impact. This article shows you why that idea couldn’t be further from the truth. You can make sure that when you do speak up, people will listen because they’ll know that what you’re saying adds value and that you offer solutions. You’ll find out how to magnify your strengths and build your personal brand so that your “voice” is the loudest in the room.

Read more about how you can craft a great personal brand even though you’re an introvert.

Give Your Personal Brand a Makeover in 4 Easy Steps

You’ve probably had a moment or two in which you missed the mark. The last thing you want is for that mistake to define you and your personal brand, right? This article gives four easy steps to help you transition your personal brand so that it’s a reflection of the true you. By gathering data, taking specific action, treating your brand like a credit report and helping people to see you in a different way, you can give your personal brand a makeover.

Get the lowdown on these four steps and find out how to revamp your brand.

Personal Branding: Being an Unexpected Benefit

It’s important that you keep your personal brand fresh. As you change and evolve, you want your brand to follow suit. This article provides practical tips to make it happen. It will explain how you can have a vision for your future and how to make that vision work for you. The article reinforces the idea that you should always be thinking ahead and learning new things in order to constantly reinvent your brand into an authentic representation of you.

Read more about how to be an unexpected benefit by keeping your personal brand current.

How to Improve Your Personal Brand

What are you known for? Here’s a hint: If it isn’t for the value you create and the work you do, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. In this article, you’ll learn how to make your personal brand better by creating your own unique calling card and getting some helpers onboard to toot your professional horn. It also reminds you how important it is to ask for advice!

You can find out much more about improving your personal brand in the full article.

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