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Innovation in the Workplace is the Key to Your Business’ Success

Aha Moment: Your unique take on things is a benefit to your workplace.

A workplace in which each person is able to share their own brand of creativity is one that’s successful.

The more problem-solvers and innovators you have on your team, the more competitive your business will be.

The following articles give practical tips on how to use your creativity for the betterment of your own career as well as that of your company.

Think of this article as something to bookmark in your web browser, so you can come back to it as a definitive resource for boosting your innovation at work.

Employee Innovation: Inspiring Your People Will Drive Results

You want your employees to begin to think differently. Creativity inspires innovation and innovation is what keeps you ahead of the competition. One of the ways to get your employees thinking creatively is to repurpose how they see their environment. This article gives a number of examples as to what this will look like in your workplace. You’ll also learn about the power of giving your workers a daily challenge to spark their out-of-the-box thinking.

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Being YOU in the Workplace Sparks Creativity

You were hired for a reason. Don’t be afraid to bring your authentic self to work! Making constant job moves because you don’t feel like you can show your true self isn’t good for your career. This article examines how you can ask the right questions, let others see your “why” and also the role your employer plays in the process. You and your company will benefit from your creativity and personal touch.

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How to Boost Your Creativity at Work

You’ll benefit when you come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems  –  and so will your team, department and company. This article takes a look at the ways you can give yourself a boost, like preparation, incubation, insight, evaluation and elaboration. Once you understand each of these components, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge with the confidence that you can come up with an inventive answer.

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Great Leaders Encourage Reaching Across the Aisle to Propel Innovation [VIDEO]

Effective leaders encourage each person to bring their individual selves into the workplace for the benefit of everyone else and the company. This video uses a simple activity that demonstrates an important component of competent leadership – being a great simplifier and using innovation to drive greater results.

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Why Innovation is the Most Important Job Skill You Can Have

You need to be an innovator in order to get ahead in your career. Don’t think you have that skill? You can actually learn to be creative. This article delves into the ways you can boost your creativity, like using your imagination and taking action. It also spells out the benefits of using your creativity in your work: increasing your value to your company, finding solutions and becoming a more active player in your work environment.

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How does your workplace give value to creativity and innovation?