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New Year, New Career: Give Yours a Reboot!

It’s not enough to be a success. You have to love what you do, too.

With the New Year comes new possibilities, and a chance to give your career a reboot.

Sure, it’s scary to leave behind a successful career and walk into the land of unknowns, but it’s even more frightening to work a few more years  –  or even decades  –  of doing something you don’t have a passion for right in the face.

If you’re ready to get real about your situation and make a better work life for yourself, here’s what you need to do.

1.Face facts

Be honest with yourself about your job. Can you really picture yourself doing the same thing or in the same field in 10 or 20 years? Maybe you’re seeing the writing on the wall and don’t believe you’ll be able to sustain employment due to market changes or new technologies. Either way, it’s time to prepare for the future. Accept your situation and get ready for an exciting season ahead!

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2. Target your new role

There are a few ways to identify your next career move. First, you need to understand what it was you loved about your previous jobs. These should inform your new career path. Map out your core values and make sure these match up to your new job, too. Then, identify your best qualities. For instance, if you’re creative, but your current role doesn’t allow you to express that quality, you’ll have identified one source of dissatisfaction. Your new job should nurture that quality.

3. Do your research

If you want to make a move within your company, start networking and keep your ear to the ground. Ask your supervisor about additional job responsibilities you can add to your current role, while looking for a lateral or upward move.

To gain a new position outside your organization, take advantage of opportunities like LinkedIn groups, a trade association, your mentors or peer group and reading industry magazines and blogs to network your way to a new job.

4. Identify your skills

There’s no better time than when in between positions to assess your skills and strengths. This is especially important once you’ve identified an opportunity, as you’ll need to have the right skills to land the job and do well in the role. Consider taking tests such as the Myers-Brigg , StrengthsFinder or SWOT analysis to narrow down your search for a new position.

5. Use your network

There’s no better way to land a new job than to capitalize on your existing network of people you know and have worked with. You never know when someone you’re connected with will recommend you for a job. So let your network know that you’re looking and leverage those connections to land the new job of your dreams.

Need to expand your network? Turn to LinkedIn or Twitter and search for individuals to connect with who are in your target industry or hold a position similar to what you’re looking for.

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