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Personal Branding Identity Guidelines

Having a strong personal brand identity can boost your career success

To a large degree, there is a strong connection between your career success and how you manage your personal brand identity.

In this ultimate guide to boosting your personal brand identity, I’ll show you how to create and use your personal brand to get ahead.

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Adopt a success mindset as your foundation.

Building a great personal brand starts with having the right mindset. Success.

People who are successful drive their career and life towards a tangible goal or direction.

Their lives are also marked by these factors:

  • They identify what they want to be known for.
  • They set goals and then make them happen.
  • Instead of challenges, they see opportunities.
  • They hold themselves accountable and are consistent.
  • They focus on a concrete objective, create a specific timeline, and then identify ways to measure success.

These qualities lead to an effective personal brand and create a success mindset that shows in your interactions with others.

Ultimately, the way that you view yourself heavily impacts the way others see you, too.

In your job, that perception can either make or break your career.

Be Deliberate. And Consistent.

Another effective way to create your personal brand identity is by being deliberate or intentional in everything you do.

In short, personal branding is the ability to deliberately use attributes that demonstrate your capability to manage the expectations one will receive from an encounter with you.

So if you want to dominate in your career, here are three things to focus on daily.

  1. You need to project the right “you” by always delivering on what you want to be known for through your actions
  2. You need to have the the right attitude by always conveying how you want to be perceived by others
  3. You need to build the right reputation, and more by living your values — and being consistent to get where you want to go and earn respect

And you need to do all of these things with the utmost intentions so you become known authentically for the brand you build.

Personal Branding Meme

Know Yourself.

Your mindset and actions are shaped by who you are. Your personal brand identity involves getting to really know yourself.

For example, do you know why people trust you, remember you, and like working with you?

There’s a breakdown between what you are and what you think you are.

When you’re evaluating your personal brand, you must be honest.

For example, If you don’t have leadership skills, it’s better to know that this is an area in which you need to improve, rather than skip over it.

So, let’s begin with a few questions:

  • List your top three strengths. These are assets you can promote.
  • How would you describe your weaknesses? Create a plan to improve in these areas.
  • What makes you different from other people? What makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you unique in your organization? These qualities will help you overcome competition.

Your answers to these questions reveal how other people choose you for work scenarios, refer you to others, or select or hire you for the job.

Spending time on building an affinity to yourself will help you guide other people to buy into your “brand.”

The power lies in the potential your career and life have when you create a personal brand that’s reflective of who you are.

Remember, your personal branding identity will guide your future. Never stop looking in the mirror.

Are you delivering the right brand message to colleagues and supervisors?

What does your brand say to potential employers and your networking circle?

Start making changes to your personal brand. Work on this task every day, and you’ll make incremental progress toward your desired reality.