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The Best Time Management Tips — Ever!

Time management is a waste if it doesn’t actually increase workforce productivity and help you get stuff done!

Time management is a waste if it doesn’t actually increase workforce productivity and help you get stuff done!

If you’re like most people, you have tons of passive time in your typical workday that you can convert into active value.

If you can find these snippets of time, you can develop habits that generate energy and lead to more significant outcomes.

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These are lofty goals, it’s true. But with practical, actionable tips you can get immediate, tangible results. Here’s how:

  • Start at the top. Focus on the most important tasks in your day first, then work you’re way down the list.
  • Know the “no.” Avoid taking on projects you don’t have time for. If you can say no, do it.
  • Focus. Shut out distractions in order to focus on one task or project at a time.
  • Start early. It’s easy to procrastinate, but by doing so, you could be subjecting yourself to more stress. Make it your new motto to start projects early.
  • Make ‘em habits. If you want to be a writer, you need to write regularly. You can’t create a manageable habit if you don’t engage in the behavior every day. It’s pretty simple to create new skills and make them habits if you commit to utilizing them.
  • Set limits. Create a goal in which to complete a task. Instead of saying you’ll work on a project until it’s completed, define the time limit and you’ll end up being more productive and efficient with your time.
  • Make a list. Don’t keep your to-do list in your head. You’ll just forget them. Write them down so they can stare at you to keep you accountable.
  • Celebrate. When you accomplish a task – whether it’s big or small – celebrate the occasion! It will give you a boost to complete other tasks when you celebrate the milestone of getting stuff done.
  • Think before you act. Visualizing how you will get something done before you start the actual work helps you shave off thinking time when it comes to executing the task – all which saves you time.
  • The power of threes. Live by this rule: Tackle three things at at time.  We live in a world where we can be consumed by multi-tasking – and, in truth, multi-tasking is generally necessary. But when you take off chunks of tasks in threes, you’ll get through the jobs faster and with more efficiency.
  • Be a night-writer. Before you go to bed, clear your mind of everything you accomplished that day. Then, make a list of what you’ll work on the next day. This simple practice helps you get a running start to move through tasks faster, because you’re already giving yourself a great start before the next day begins.

These simple time-management tips will help give your productivity a boost. By implementing a few of these steps in your every day, you’ll power through your to-do list like never before.