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The Ultimate Guide to Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

Aha Moment: Use LinkedIn to maximize your job search efforts and connect with the employers you’d like to work with.

LinkedIn is one of the most important job-search tools that you have at your disposal.

It’s the first place recruiters will go for information about you.

The platform also allows you to search for jobs, apply for jobs and make connections with people and companies in the industry in which you’re interested.

Just knowing that LinkedIn is crucial isn’t enough – you also have to know how you can use it to your benefit.

Here are the tips you need to get the most out of LinkedIn for your job search.

1.Complete your profile

There are a few different elements of a great profile. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • You have to have a picture. Make sure it’s a quality image and not a grainy selfie with a background. Your picture is the first impression that potential employers and colleagues will get – make it count.
  • Be thorough with your professional career summary. List all of your professional employment, along with the skills that you used and the ones you gained, highlighting those that are relevant to the job you want.
  • You should also include a general job history. Provide a complete list of all the jobs you’ve had (other than the ones you listed as a part of your professional summary).

The components you describe in your profile will help prospective employers find you and others to recommend and refer you for positions.

Consider hiring a career coach to help you create a stellar profile. The move will help you attract the most interest and impress those who are looking at your profile to determine your suitability for their company.

Take advantage of the LinkedIn search features

LinkedIn has an extensive search capability.

Here are some of the types of searches you may find helpful.

    • People. You want to be in the know. Using this search feature allows you to find out with whom you should be networking and why you need to know them. You can build connections with people who can help you in your job search by taking on a mentoring role or providing you with valuable contacts.
    • Articles. Look for articles that are connected to your capabilities. You can make insightful comments on them, or share them with some of your expertise added in. This has the effect of showing that you’re in the sphere of influence, you have a perspective and that you’re actively engaged. When you can cite best practices and comment on trends, you’re positioning yourself as an authority on the topic. Finding articles from companies in which you’re interested is a bonus!
    • Companies. Other than general information about the company, you can also find recruiters on LinkedIn and pay attention to what they’re liking and commenting on. Get closely connected to wherever a company is mentioned. Another helpful feature is that you can apply to the companies you’re interested in directly through their LinkedIn profile.

Take recommendations seriously

LinkedIn recommendations are valuable – those who recommend you can be great references!

You can also refer others, who may refer you back.

Using LinkedIn to build connections and turn them into references could result in you making the acquaintance of an employer for whom you’d really like to work.

There are two important things to remember about recommendations.

  1. Solicit recommendations from people you trust and who know your work.
  2. Offer recommendations for people you can vouch for.

Highlight your wins

You should definitely share any accolades, awards or third-party recognition that you’ve received for your skill.

It’s okay to toot your own horn on your LinkedIn profile!

Join LinkedIn groups

When you join LinkedIn groups, you’re letting others know what you’re interested in and what your competencies are.

You’ll also have the benefit of receiving career-development information and making those all-important connections with other people in your field or desired industry.

Include your LinkedIn profile on your paper resume

This gives potential employers a quick way to connect with you.

Besides, they’re going to be looking at it anyway. You may as well make it easy for them!

Your profile can land your dream job

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your LinkedIn profile.

It’s one of the most important aspects of your job search and offers you the best chance to land the job that you really want.

Make sure your profile is complete, utilize the different search features and don’t be afraid to display your achievements.

When you do these things, you’re sure to attract the attention you want!

Does your LinkedIn profile need to be revamped?