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Why Innovation Is the Most Important Job Skill You Can Have






These are all qualities that are important to have on the job.

Before you ditch this article thinking that you’re not creative  –  everyone has some element of creativity. It may look different from your colleagues, but it’s there!

All you have to do is nurture it.

Because innovation is arguably THE most important skill you can have, especially if you need to cross-market your skills or get a promotion.

Every industry requires creativity, so if you want to be a hot commodity, in demand, and happily employed, you need to be innovative!

Why creativity is the key

Becoming more creative will help you in many ways.

Increase your value to your company

Almost anybody can implement the steps in a process; however, it takes creativity to invent that process and come up with solutions that solve business problems.

This is the kind of thinking that will set you apart from your colleagues. It will get you noticed by the higher ups and help you gain lots of respect within your company and industry.

Find solutions

Innovation can also open up a world of possibilities for you. Consider how creative thinking led to the invention of the internet and the car.

Now that we’re in the information age, you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Use your creativity to bring this information together and come up with a new plan.

For example, perhaps your department is bogged down by manually having to enter data. Using your creative thinking, you search for solutions on the web and come up with a unique approach to streamlining the process.

That’s innovation! Simply looking for new ways to do things or even communicate can spark a new solution.

Or use your newfound creativity to find ways to cut costs without having to let people go or figuring out how to work faster without sacrificing quality. These are all innovative solutions that will help you advance in your career.

Become an active player

An innovative mindset also puts you in a position to take on an optimistic attitude  –  something that can shift you from a passive player in your company to an active one. It helps you take responsibility for your situation and your job so that you’re actively pursuing initiatives and solutions.

Creativity is the instigator of change, you’ll approach life and work with a desire to learn more and do more.

Initiating innovation

Here’s how to get your creativity going:

  • Use your imagination. Schedule time to just let it go wild. Don’t dismiss any ideas that come to mind. Just let your brain roam, seeing the situation from multiple angles.
  • Be clear. Gain clarity on the situation. If you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get answers. Or, if you focus on solutions to a minor problem, how does the outcome compare to focusing on an innovative way to overcome a bigger problem?
  • Have faith. Don’t consider failure before you’re even out of the gate. You’ll be surprised at how far you’ll get with creativity if you believe it will happen.
  • Take action. No matter how great your idea, if you don’t put it into action, it’ll remain just that: an idea. Not a great solution. You’ll also get jazzed about implementing creative ideas, seeing them come to fruition and impacting your job  –  which will fuel even more creativity.

You have the potential to be a highly innovative person. It’s already within you, so start putting it into action and transform your workplace. For help harnessing your inner innovation, contact [email protected] today!