Elevate Your Life Album – Vol. 3


Kaplan Mobray
Music by Dennis Ferrer

In this powerful audio collection of motivational passages award-winning author, motivational speaker and career consultant Kaplan Mobray offers inspiration encouragement and advice to help you elevate your life and grow your career.

Use them as daily reflections to inspire you to new levels of productivity, focus, and success.

“Live life by decision not by default”


Product Description

Track 1
You See What You Look For

Track 2
Run Towards Your Destiny

Track 3
Live With Passion

Track 4
Make It Happen

Track 5
Get Ahead of Yourself

Track 6
Keep Your Head Up

Track 7
Appreciate The Climb

Track 8
Are you a Hello Or a Goodbye

Track 9
Be Who You Think You Are

Track 10
Clear Your Path

Track 11
Savor Your Moments

Track 12
Be Fearless

Track 13
Be Your Best You

Track 14
Pound the Pavement

Track 15
This is Your Season

Track 16
Clean Out Your Mental Closet

Track 17
Silence Is Not an Option

Track 18
Transform Your Life

Track 19
Reward Yourself

Track 20
Stay Grounded

Track 21
Show Up

Track 22
Give Yourself a New Start


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