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Kaplan Mobray Career Consultation

Kaplan Mobray One-On-One Individualized Career Coaching


Individualized session features career coaching with Kaplan on an hourly basis.

Purchase a One-Hour Customized Career Consultation with Career Coach Kaplan Mobray.

Product Description

Purchase one-hour Individualized Career Coaching sessions with career consultant Kaplan Mobray.

Work with Kaplan to create a customized work plan, optimize your resources and time, and get innovative solutions to help your business and personal brand grow. Your career consultation can feature marketing strategy and branding, human resources and recruiting, leadership, diversity and inclusion, or career coaching.

One-on-one coaching sessions can include:

  • Managing career change and transition
  • Developing a personal branding strategy
  • Guidance on managing difficult conversations and office politics
  • Prepping and strategy for interviewing
  • Reviewing and rewriting resume
  • Reviewing and rewriting LinkedIn profile
  • Preparing for next level leadership opportunities
  • Developing a job search strategy and plan
  • Preparing for promotion
  • Networking tips
  • Negotiating salary and promotions
  • Switching careers
  • Life coaching to manage career, life conflict and resolution
  • Business Advisor: Branding your business to get off to the right start (for entrepreneurs)


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