The 10Ks of Personal Branding Online Course (1-year license)

The 10Ks of Personal Branding Online Course (Lifetime Access)


Founded in 2014, The Kaplan Mobray Leadership Institute provides innovative, relevant, and immediately available leadership and professional development learning courses to help individuals and organizations elevate work and life performance. A cutting-edge online learning virtual enterprise, the Kaplan Mobray Leadership Institute is committed to these fundamental principles:

  • People succeed when they first invest in themselves
  • Excellence is achieved through superior effort
  • Learning happens when behavior shifts

The programs are designed with practical strategies to improve human performance , personal branding and reputation, organizational skills and leadership effectiveness. Participants report breakthrough results in their personal and professional lives—excelling in their career, increasing productivity, and becoming exceptional leaders.Enroll now to get started or find out more about the Kaplan Mobray Leadership Institute’s corporate packages, courses, and pricing.

Learn how to:
  • Create your Personal Brand to make a positive impression that advances your career
  • Become a more effective leader at all levels to drive results when managing a team or group
  • Hone your elevator pitch to become more convincing when selling yourself or a product
  • Manage your online social media brand to build a great reputation
  • Become a better networker to make positive connections for your career
  • Learn techniques to transition effectively when starting over or facing new career opportunities
  • Establish a memorable brand to stand out when interviewing for jobs and promotions

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Product Description

  The complexities of contemporary leadership require more than what can be achieved through classroom learning and academic coursework. Today, for leaders to be effective, one must combine strategic skills with true self-understanding and an acceptance for the way one’s behavior influences others. The course includes components like and features benefits such as:

  • Teaching students and professionals powerful steps to building a personal brand.
  • Extending beyond book learning and features hands-on activities, exercises, and a workbook.
  • Accessing the program anytime 24 x 7 via smartphone, tablet, mobile device.
  • Great for teams or individuals.
  • Certification available.


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