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The Kaplan Mobray Executive Coaching Program

One-On-One Individualized Career Coaching Package


Career coaching package for individuals and corporate-sponsored employees includes seven 1-hour sessions.

Purchase an Individual Career Coaching Package With Career Consultant Kaplan Mobray.

Product Description

Purchase a One-On-One Individualized Career Coaching Package for individuals and corporate-sponsored employees.

Navigate your life and career with innovative but clear coaching instructions so you can achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

7 individualized career-coaching sessions include:

  • Reviewing and rewriting resume
  • Counseling
  • Managing career change and transition
  • Developing a personal branding strategy
  • Guidance on managing difficult conversations and office politics
  • Prepping and strategy for interviewing
  • Reviewing and rewriting LinkedIn profile
  • Preparing for next level leadership opportunities
  • Developing a job search strategy and plan
  • Preparing for promotion
  • Networking tips
  • Negotiating salary and promotions
  • Switching careers
  • Life coaching to manage career, life conflict and resolution
  • Business Advisor: Branding your business to get off to the right start (for entrepreneurs)


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