for Kaplan Mobray's 10Ks of Personal Branding

I want to thank you for sharing the 10 Ks of Personal Branding. I enjoyed listening to the techniques and participating in your presentation. Your approach to self marketing was informative and entertaining. I am looking forward to purchasing your book.

Chantel Lawson

Wow! What an experience. Your presentation on The 10 Ks of Personal Branding was phenomenal. Even after you left, we could not stop singing your praises on such a job well done. The timing couldn’t be better. To have you address a topic that I know will have an impact on my career aspirations. Thank you so much.

Lisa O’Connor

We met at the PPA Meeting at the University of Houston. I just want to say thank you for coming out. It was one of the best speeches I’ve heard in years. Thank you for showing us how to define ourselves. I came out of that meeting knowing so much more about myself than when I came in.

Giao Tong (The Fighter)

Your 10Ks have had a profound impact on my life in just the few hours that I have known them. I feel lucky and honored to have been present for your speech and I will always remember it and the valuable lessons that you bestowed upon me. I believe you and your words of wisdom are one of those experiences that can change lives. From today forward I am going to do my best to live by your 10Ks and I believe that this will ultimately define who I am and lead me to great success.

Chris Townsend (Always Optimistic)

I heard your speech! WOW! That was very moving and motivating! I truly enjoyed it!

James Rivera

The 10K presentation was excellent. The points are effective and I will include them in my daily and professional routines. Specifically, I’ll be sure to make use of them on job interviews. It was refreshing to hear such an inspirational speaker, thank you!

Diolis Beard

It was a pleasure to meet you during my recent visit to Darden, if only for a few minutes. Your contribution to the weekend’s experience made an impact. As a prospective student, the pressures of the GMAT, applications, and interviews tend to skew our notion of our personal brand. It was good to be reminded that as individuals, we have unique contributions to make to the world around us and have a responsibility to make them count when opportunities arise. Thanks for sharing your insight!

Jennifer Nguyen

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