• Kaplan Mobray: Diversity and Unconscious Bias
  • Kaplan Mobray: Diversity Celebrates Difference
  • Kaplan Mobray: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Kaplan Mobray: Diversity and the Power of Your Voice
  • Kaplan Mobray Superbowl
  • 10Ks of Personal Branding
  • Kaplan Mobray on INNOVATION
  • Kaplan Mobray: The “I” in Diversity
  • Kaplan Mobray: Leadership and Innovation – The 10Ls of Leadership
  • Kaplan Mobray Fox Business: Job Search Advice
  • Kaplan Mobray on Personal Branding
  • Kaplan Mobray: Consistency is Key to Success
  • Kaplan Mobray CNN: Personal Branding
  • Kaplan Mobray: Saxophone Opening
  • Kaplan Mobray: Elevator Speech
  • Kaplan Mobray: Media Interviews
  • Kaplan Mobray: Making Magic on the Saxophone
  • Kaplan Mobray Demo Reel
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[K]aplan Mobray teaches organizations how to develop inspired leaders, increase employee engagement and productivity and unify diverse workforces for greater teamwork and company growth. Extolled as truly life-changing events, [K]aplan's engaging presentations provide practical strategies to help individuals succeed in all aspects of life.